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Stay Safe, and Light It Up This Fall!

As the days become shorter as we enter the fall season, we’re faced with a choice–be outside in darkness or go inside and have gatherings and parties. While a fire is always a nice idea and can make for a great place to gather around, sometimes what we really need is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can be the difference between safety and accidents. In this article, we’ll talk more about why outdoor lighting is important and how to incorporate it into your designs.

light retaining walls patioSafety is Your Number One Concern

When the days end sooner and the moon is not full, being outdoors on these wonderful cool nights can be a danger. There could be unexpected holes, cracks in cement, and other dangers on your property that could cause a trip or fall which could lead to a twisted ankle or broken bone. This can all be alleviated by installing outdoor lighting on your property. At Heartwoods, we specialize in accent lighting, track lighting, and wall lights. Each of these options can serve their own purpose when lighting a landscape for safety. Your main goal will be to illuminate sidewalks and pathways, any dangers like holes or cracks that you are aware of, and seating areas so that everyone can see where they are walking and standing.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be a great way to get safety lighting in without making it obvious that the lights are also there for safety purposes. Accent lighting can be strategically placed along walkways with landscaping or beside doorways or patios to make it easier to see. Wall lights can be installed into retaining walls and other small walls like walls that double as seating around an outdoor fire pit. These are great especially in seating areas because they are less likely for someone to trip over, and they illuminate where everyone is sitting, eating, talking, and walking.

trees lightingTrack Lighting

This type of lighting will be your most invaluable for sidewalks, pathways, and other areas that need multiple lights in a row to make it work. These lights can be placed along a sidewalk or pathway and illuminate it. There are several types of lights that can be used as well, including those that are solar powered. They will charge during the day and then come on at night and be bright and beautiful. These are also a great energy saver and save you the extra step of remembering to turn on the lights outside. You know that you’ll always be covered because they’ll always turn on when it gets dark.

Stay Safe, and Light It Up!

If you’re looking to keep your fall gatherings as safe as possible, it’s time to consider outdoor lighting. Whether you choose track lighting, accent, wall, or a mix of several different types to keep your property as safe as possible, you can be sure that the experts at Heartwoods will guide you on placement and style. We will install all lighting and answer any questions that you might have. Contact us today for more information about outdoor lighting for your fall gatherings!

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