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hardscaping fire feature Improving your property doesn’t have to end with landscaping. Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. offers hardscaping and water features to further enhance the look and function of your landscape.

The Hardscaping Process

  • Hardscaping: We can enhance your property with retaining walls, free-standing walls, stone steps, natural stonework, brick patios and walkways, fire pits, brick driveways, and brick landscape edging.
  • Water features: Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of gurgling water in nature. We specialize in water element design and installation, including ponds, streams, and waterfalls.

Hardscaping Installation

Will this process mess up my yard? This will all depend on your specific situation and what you’re looking for with hardscaping, and how big the project is. Whether you want a water feature installation or a patio, what the install process is like and how long it will take will vary. However, in general, the process to install stone pavers is fairly straightforward.

The ground will be dug out to make room for the pavers and make sure that they will be stable in the ground and that no weeds will come through. The soil is compacted so that there are no issues with settling over time. Gravel that has been crushed will be added and smoothed/leveled, and a layer of builder’s sand is added. Pavers are then installed and more builder’s sand will be spread on top. The design will be created before installation and shown to you for approval. The process can differ, but generally, this will be the process for hardscaping.

Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Living Space

Hardscaping is an excellent way to add beauty and texture to your outdoor living space. Using concrete, pavers, and stone, we can create a natural but functional space you can use for entertaining and relaxing. Using the right combination of hardscape and softscape (which includes trees, plants, shrubbery, grasses, and flowers) you can bring a space to life.

Whether you’re looking to install a brick patio or a complex water feature installation, we can handle your project from start to finish. Whatever you have in mind, we will help turn your idea into a reality! Contact us today to get started on your outdoor living space. 

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Your yard is our business.

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