Your Yard is Our Business

A Healthy Summer Lawn Starts Now

landscaping companies peoria ilWe are two days away from the first day of summer. Now is your last chance to look at ways to keep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer long. No one wants a dead or overgrown lawn that’s full of weeds. Regular maintenance is the only option if you want to keep your landscape looking green, clean, and healthy.

Most of the time it’s not enough to mow and water your lawn, you need to maintain water levels through watering when necessary and ph levels through fertilization, along with regular maintenance of your lawn, bushes, trees, flowers, and mulch. We know that, unfortunately, many people are too busy with their jobs and families to fully take care of their lawns. That’s where we come in! We are your go-to for landscaping companies in Peoria, IL. From single visits to regular maintenance, we have your back when it comes to improving your business’ or house’s landscape.

Types of Landscaping Services We Offer

If you are in a new home or want to start over with your lawn, we offer new landscape installation services. This service could include new planting beds or new plants, edging, mulch, or rocks, and grading, seeding, and sodding. New plants or planting beds bring color and variety to your lawn, and curb appeal! Make your house or business pop with beautiful and unique additions. Edging, mulch or rocks not only keep your lawn looking clean and organized, but it can also help with decrease erosion and increase water conservation and regulation, which keeps your lawn healthy! Grading, seeding, and sodding are three steps to making sure your lawn has the proper base, healthy grass, and lasting results. We will help with all of these steps so your lawn looks great.

Maintenance is for lawns that are already existing and just need more of a “pick-me-up”. We offer mowing, edging, bush or tree trimming, fertilization, mulch installation, seed, and sod grading, aeration, slit seeding, and seasonal cleanup in the spring and fall. We will keep your landscape looking green and healthy all year round, that’s why Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. is one of the best landscaping companies in and around Peoria, IL. Contact us today for more information on our services or to begin your journey to a beautiful lawn.

Your yard is our business.

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