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What is Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. Up to This December?

When you think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t “landscaping.” However, Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. is still getting a few things finished up before the bitter cold and snow that will likely reach us at the beginning of the coming year. Find out what we’re up to and get some ideas for your property by reading on.

fall cleanupFinishing Up Fall Clean Up

At Heartwoods Landscaping Inc., we sometimes have to defer to the weather. This means that we’re finishing up some fall clean up before the real snow, frost, and ice hits. We offer this service to our maintenance customers. It’s very important to take care of your landscaping once it is added to your property. We understand not everyone has the time or feels they don’t know enough about it. This is why we offer top quality lawn care and professional maintenance for new and existing landscapes, including mowing and edging, bush and tree trimming, fertilization, mulch and soil, delivery and distribution, and seed and sod grading. Our maintenance service also covers aeration, slit seeding, and seasonal cleanup (like right now!). We want your yard to look beautiful, and fall cleanup is a part of that. We will continue finishing that up until all our customers are served.

Snow Removal

Additionally, we offer snow removal for our maintenance customers. When the snow piles up on your property, it can seem like a daunting task. It can be cold, miserable, and you might get sick or hurt from being out in the cold in the snow and on the ice. Our snow removal services for maintenance customers take care of this worry while taking care to not disturb any aspects of your landscaping. While some companies might just do the fastest and easiest snow removal they can, we take care to steer clear of landscaping and hardscaping features which could be damaged by vigorous snow removal with a plow or shovel.

fall cleanup taking down treesTaking Down Trees

Lastly, we are taking down trees for customers. We usually push this to when the weather isn’t as nice as other days. Why? When the weather is nice, we want to get in extensive or complex landscaping and hardscaping projects. They usually require nice weather, so we don’t want to waste a nice day with when we can do it another time. Therefore, we are working on getting some trees taken down. Taking down trees is a great way to open your yard and give your home curb appeal. Make sure to think about old-growth trees. If the trees overhang your home, and you intend to plant more trees, where they will go?

Need Last-Minute Help? Call Us Today!

If you need some last-minute help with your landscaping project, call us right away! Additionally, if you’re looking to plan for next spring, we are happy to start working with you now and get you on the calendar before spaces fill up for work. Contact us today with any questions you might have.

Your yard is our business.

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