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How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

With 2018 right around the corner, warmer months will be here before we know it. It’s best to start thinking now about how to prepare your yard for spring.  After a cold winter, there are many things you can do to your yard to help it have a better spring season. Follow our five steps below to have a fuller, flourishing yard when spring rolls around.

Prepare your yard for spring

1. Cleanup

When all of the snow and ice melts and the winter season begins to come to an end, clean up all leaves, debris, and sticks leftover from fall that did not get picked up. Not only will doing this make your property look presentable, but it will help create a healthier, greener yard for you when spring comes. If you do not want to do the cleaning up yourself or do not have the equipment to do so, hire a reputable company in your area that offers yard maintenance services at an affordable price.

2. Fertilize & Apply Pre-Emergent

Fertilizing your yard before spring arrives will jump-start your lawn from the cold winter it just had gone through. Applying fertilizer will give your yard the strength it needs to look its best by the time summer comes around. Besides fertilizer, you should also apply pre-emergent to your yard to avoid crabgrass. Keep in mind though to apply pre-emergent temperatures need to be around 55-60 degrees for pre-emergent to be fully effective.

3. Trim Plants

After the harsh winter, it is important when preparing your yard for spring to look for any bushes or trees that have dead or failing limbs. Without cutting these limbs down, they will eventually fall onto your property, possibly causing damage to your home or lawn. If you do not feel comfortable cutting down limbs of trees and bushes yourself or do not have the proper equipment, consider hiring a full-service company that offers yard maintenance work.

Mowing yard for spring

4. Mow Early

Many people wait until their grass begins to grow rapidly to start mowing their lawn. The best way to keep a flourishing, healthy lawn though is to mow early and more than once a week during spring. Mowing a few times a week will not stunt the roots like mowing only once a week will. This will ensure a thick, green lawn for the rest of the year.

5. Hold Off on Seeding

While many people want to fill their brown patches around their yard with grass seed as soon as possible, you may want to hold off if you are also applying pre-emergent or weed killer. If you are applying these things, the seeds will not germinate. Rather than seeding during spring, wait until fall as this is the best time to seed your lawn due to the hot, dry summer being over and fewer insects and weeds.

We hope that from these provided tips you can prepare your yard for spring and get it looking better than it ever has. Just by following the steps above of cleaning your yard up, fertilizing and applying pre-emergent, trimming plants, mowing early, and holding off on seeding until fall, you will notice a dramatic difference in the thickness and healthiness of your yard. If yard maintenance is something that you do not want to complete on your own, contact a full-service company that offers yard maintenance services.

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Your yard is our business.

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