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When Should I Start Mowing My Lawn?

spring grass with sun setting

Every year when spring comes along, the weather slowly starts to change, flowers begin to bloom, and the grass begins to turn green. In other words, this time of year brings lots of growth. From spreading grass to newly planted trees, to homeowners and business owners alike designing their landscaping for the warmer months, this is the season for updates and changes.

A Time that Works for Your Yard

A question that we can often ask ourselves is when should I start mowing my lawn this spring?

Although this seems like a simple question, there are quite a few things to consider before getting out the lawn mower for the season. Firstly, there is no set date when it comes to mowing your lawn for the first time in spring. In fact, the most important thing to watch for is grass length. That’s right, observe your grass on a regular basis in order to monitor growth and color. 

Questions To Consider Before Mowing My Lawn

Sometimes knowing what’s right can be overwhelming. Here are a few question to think about before you break out the lawnmower this spring:

  • Is your mower working properly? Does it need a tune up?
  • Have you completed your yearly spring clean up?
  • Have you weeded the yard?
  • Have you fertilized the yard, or do you have a fertilizer plan?
  • Is the yard still frozen from the winter?
  • Has the temperature consistently been above 40 degrees for more than a week?
  • Is your grass longer than 2”?

At Heartwoods, our team is here to answer any of your maintenance questions. We would be happy to come up with a yearly or quarterly plan to ensure your yard stays healthy all year long. Please contact us this spring so we can shape up your yard before summer comes. 

Your yard is our business.

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