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What Happens to Your Plants & Landscaping in Winter

After spending endless hours on planting and landscaping, it’s time for winter to come and allow you to relax. While a break from yard work is great, have you thought about what happens to plants and landscaping? We came up with a list of things that happen to your plants and landscaping in winter and how to winterize your yard.

Plants and Landscaping in Winter

Plants and Landscape in Winter

1. Period of Dormancy

When spring and summer come, plants and trees consume as many nutrients as possible to be fully prepared for the winter months. During the winter all these plants go dormant. During this stage, they do not grow, but rather conserve energy. They received this during the growing season of April through August to survive the harsh winter. Dormancy is a part of their survival routine and allows them to gear up for the warmer months.

2. The Shape of Plants & Trees

The shape of plants and trees helps or hurts the plant or tree itself. Some are made for winter weather, while others are made for hot, sunny days all year round. The plants and trees that are made for winter will have branches or leaves that bend down. This is so that when winter comes, the snow does not weigh it down. Instead, it shrugs off excess snow. But, some plants and trees that go dormant during the winter. It is important to trim their branches so that the weight of the snow does not damage them.

3. Water

Did you know that plants still need a source of water during the winter months? While they do not need nearly as much moisture as they do during the warmer months, they still need water. Otherwise, they won’t remain protected from the harsh winter weather. During winter, the ground freezes over, which makes it difficult for plants and trees to draw water to their trunks or stems. But, a layer of snow will insulate the ground, allowing water to stay in liquid form for the plants and trees.

Winterizing Tips

Home Landscape in Winter

1. Trim Plants & Trees

Right before winter comes along, it is very important to trim your plants, trees, and bushes down. This will ensure that during dormancy, they do not break from strong winds and heavy snowfall. Not only can this permanently damage the plant or tree, but it can also be a huge safety hazard on your property. If you do not know how or do not have the proper equipment to trim these plants and trees down, call a professional landscaping company in your area to ensure it will get done correctly.

2. Leaf Removal

Before winter, make sure that you rake the leaves in your yard and mow one more time before the cold weather comes. This will ensure that your lawn has breathing space and has a healthy airflow getting down to the roots of the grass. Not only for airflow but for the overall appearance of your property as well. Letting leaves sit on your lawn will leave spotty marks across your yard or could even cause snow mold in those areas.

3. Prepping Plant Beds

A great way to get ahead of the game is by prepping your plant beds. You can do this by trimming down any plants, cleaning out any leaves in the bed, and removing any leftover mulch. This will make your spring easier when it comes to getting your plant beds ready for planting season. Not only will it make your spring easier, but it will also prevent things like mold, rot, and nutrition starvation from your plants.

In conclusion, a lot more occurs with your plants and trees during winter than what meets the eye. The process of dormancy is a huge part of their life cycle to ensure they are prepared for summer months. Winterizing your yard can not only help these plants and trees better survive during winter, but it can make your spring cleanup less of a hassle for you. If you are looking for help with winterizing your landscape this year, contact Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. here. We are a full-service landscaping company in Washington, IL who offers several yard maintenance services. Let Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. best prepare your property for winter this year.


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