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Landscaping Services in Dunlap, IL

Landscaping Services in Dunlap, ILIf you are a homeowner we understand the struggle of constantly trying to keep up with your yard. Not only keeping up with basic maintenance but getting your landscape to look exactly how you picture it in your head can be difficult without professional help. This is where we can assist you. Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. offers full-service landscaping services in Dunlap, IL and the surrounding areas. Through our services, we can help your yard look the best it ever has and keep it that way for years to come.

Services Offered in Dunlap, IL

Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. offers the following landscaping services in Dunlap, IL:

  • Design – Through our design process we work very closely with the customer to ensure that your landscaping needs are being fulfilled. We go through a process of choosing plants that will accent their home, finding locations for these plants, and finally explaining the installation process and answering any questions the customer may have for us.
  • Landscaping –  Our landscaping services include everything from new landscape installation to landscape lighting. Whether the customers wants to install a new planting bed or add accent lighting to their property, we will ensure that your home and landscape is looking its best.
  • Hardscaping – Hardscaping is a great way to add texture and beauty to an outdoor living area through stone steps, fire pits, free-standing walls, brick driveways, and more. Water features are also a great addition to the property if you are looking to truly bring your landscape to life.
  • Maintenance – Landscape maintenance services include mowing and edging, fertilization, bush and tree trimming, seed and sod grading, seasonal cleanup and much more. Through yard maintenance, you can rest assured knowing your yard will look its best year-round.

Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. has a team of hardworking individuals who ensure quality work at an affordable price. If you are looking for landscaping services in Dunlap, IL or the surrounding areas, contact Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. today. We look forward to making your landscaping dreams a reality!


Your yard is our business.

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