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Landscaping Services in Germantown Hills, IL

Landscaping Services in Germantown Hills, ILAre you looking to beautify the exterior of your Germantown Hills, IL home or business? To some people, the exterior is the most important aspect of their property. Why? Because the exterior of a home or business is the first thing that people see when approaching your property. When it comes to giving a first good impression, a well-kept yard is an aspect of your home or business that is very important. Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. can help you with this. We offer full-service landscaping services in Germantown Hills, IL and other towns as well.

Services Offered in Germantown Hills, IL

Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. offers a wide number of services in Germantown Hills, IL from our experienced landscaping contractors including the following:

  • Design: Through our design services, we work closely with the customer when choosing plants and locations of plants to ensure that the design is exactly what they are looking for. We also make sure to go through the installation process to keep the customer up to date on how we will complete the work.
  • Landscaping: Our full-service landscaping services include new landscape installation, landscape lighting, and landscape maintenance. Through our landscaping services, your yard will be looking its best year-round.
  • Hardscaping: Hardscaping includes elements such as stone and concrete to enhance your property. Whether you are looking for a retaining wall, bonfire pit patio, or a walkway, Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. can do it all.
  • Maintenance: If you are looking to clean up your yard, but don’t have the time, our yard maintenance services are exactly what you are looking for. Yard maintenance includes services such as mowing, bush trimming, seed and sod grading, and more.

Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. is the premier provider of customized design, landscaping, hardscaping, and maintenance services in Central Illinois. We are a family-owned and operated business that offers customized approaches to get your property looking its best. To contact us and learn more about our landscaping services in Germantown Hills, IL, and find landscapers, visit our contact page.


Your yard is our business.

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