Your Yard is Our Business


landscaping hardscaping We offer high-quality, full-service landscaping services to accent your home and ensure that your property looks beautiful. Whether you want to install a new planting bed, need lighting for an outdoor walkway, or need help with landscape maintenance, we provide considerate and creative landscaping designs services that will take your wishes to heart.

Full-Service Landscaping Peoria, IL

  • New landscape installation: We specialize in new planting beds, plants, edging, mulch, rock, grading (seed and sod), and renovations of old landscapes to transform and revitalize your property.
    • New planting beds/plants: Curb appeal is important, and Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. contractors provide beautiful, unique additions to your property that will complement your home.
    • Edging, Mulch, and Rock: Edging is a great way to separate spaces in your garden, and mulch and rock define the areas and help with erosion and water conservation and regulation.
    • Grading, Seeding, and Sodding: Grading should be one of the first things you do with your property’s landscaping. Whether you don’t want plants washed away or you’re worried about foundation damage, grading can be helpful in any case. Seeding and sodding are more than just laying sod or spreading seed. They need the proper foundation and maintenance to get going and stay healthy and attractive. Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. takes care of this for you and makes your yard beautiful.
  • Landscape lighting: A beautiful landscape becomes even more attractive when it is properly illuminated. We specialize in accent lighting, track lighting, and wall lights to highlight your property’s design and keep your family and guests safe.
  • Landscape maintenance: We are also committed to the proper maintenance of your landscape. Our maintenance services include mowing and edging, bush and tree trimming, fertilization, mulch, and soil delivery and distribution, seed and sod grading, aeration, slit seeding, and seasonal cleanup (fall and spring.)

If you need help with landscaping or lighting in the Peoria, Morton, East Peoria, or greater area, give us a call. Your yard is our business!

Your yard is our business.

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