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October Lawn Maintenance

hundreds of fall leaves on the ground

Lawn Work

October lawn maintenance is essentially a continuation of the lawn work you have been doing in September. However, there is more raking, mulching, emptying, and cleaning up of lawn tools. Because of the ever changing weather patterns in October, wind and rain blow leaves and debris around the yard. It is important to maintain this buildup moving into the winter months. Not only will lawn maintenance make it easier to begin your spring lawn routine, but it will keep the soil and ground much healthier.

Aside from continuing to fertilize, weed, and seed, it is vital to rake the leaves that blow into your yard. This not only tidies up the yard, but it allows water to disperse easily into the soil before the winter. Another option is to mulch the leaves into fine particles which then become a natural fertilizer for the yard. In addition, this mulching content will decompose and become a natural weed control agent.

red lawn mower cutting grass

Lawn Tips

There are several other maintenance tips to complete in October. Firstly, be sure to empty all of your pots in and around the garden. This should be done before the soil expands and breaks them due to the freezing weather. Next, be sure to drain garden hoses and lawn sprinklers to prevent frozen water from tearing these items apart. Finally, be sure to winterize lawn mowers, edgers, blowers, etc..Maintaining all of these items will not only save you time in the spring, but it will save you money as well.

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