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Peoria Landscaping Advice for Summer Heat

This summer has been a doozy for the Peoria area with temperatures reaching consistently into the high 90’s. This is not good news for landscaping design with many delicate plants and flowers. Most people would like their landscape design to stay beautiful for at least spring and summer, and summer is the best time to show it off with entertaining and parties. Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. would like to give a few tips for Peoria landscaping in the summer heat.

Tips for Watering Your Plants and Flowers in Your Peoria Landscaping

water feature flowersWatering is very important in the summer heat because if you forget or over water, your plants could shrivel or become saturated. Neither of these is ideal for obvious reasons. While it might seem like a good idea to keep watering them exactly the same as the rest of the year, it should be noted that you will need to keep up on watering a bit more than usual during very hot summer months. This is because the plants are absorbing the water much faster and then getting rid of it much faster as well. Therefore, they will need more water–much like you or me during hot weather.

When is the best time to water? Usually in the early morning. It’s usually more shaded in the early morning, and the plants will have time to soak up the water before the sun dries it up in a matter of minutes. It’s important to make sure that the soil is damp but not dripping with pools of water. Additionally, keep away from the leaves when watering because they can rot and develop disease if they have too much water. You can also employ a sprinkler system if you have one, and we can advise you on how to do set yours up for the type of plants that you have!

Look for Shade, Keep Bugs Away in Peoria Landscaping

Some plants will not do well in the hot summer sun. If these plants are in pots, move them to an area that is shaded. An area that gets morning sun and afternoon shade is best because the afternoon sun is much hotter and may kill plants. Shade cloths can work, but they may kill other plants.

When you’re watering or even admiring your beautiful plants and flowers, please make sure to check them out for bugs. Bugs can be the demise of your garden if you don’t watch out for them. If you happen to see cottony material on the plant, there may be a mite problem. Please give us a call to talk through ways of dealing with bug problems.

Mulch and Trimmings

landscapingTo stay protected, your plants will need a good layer of mulch. Whatever you choose, make sure that it works with the plant. Also, make sure that it is able to sustain the high heats of the summer. A good choice might be something that covers the ground completely in a thick layer. It should also keep weeds away and keep water in. Then the plants can enjoy it! A good mulch can be the best head start that your plants can get (other than watering) all summer.

Additionally, pruning is very important for the hot summer months. Prune off old blooms, leaves, and other pieces so that you can promote new blooms and growth. We can advise you on the best ways to prune your plants and flowers to cause no damage. Pruning can be a scary process if you’ve never done it before, but we’re happy to advise you so that you can keep your plants blooming all summer long.

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