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Quick Lawn Care Tips: Start Spring Right

One of the nicest parts about winter for many people is not having to mow their lawn. While the extra upkeep in other seasons can be annoying, it does have great rewards. A healthy, beautiful green lawn with well-kept landscaping design and pavers is a sight to see. Let’s learn a few quick lawn care tips on how to pull your lawn back out of the winter slump and make the most of the spring season.

landscaping garden paversTrim, trim, trim

After winter, you will see several plants and trees which need to be trimmed. If you do not have the equipment or knowledge on how to trim, please call a professional landscaping company to help with this task. The danger of leaving everything untrimmed is that branches could fall onto your home or property and cause damage. Plus, leaves can clog gutters and debris can damage your lawnmower. Always do a clean up of your yard before beginning any work, and it will save you a lot of trouble once you get to the point of mowing or planting anything.

Get Your Lawn Mower Serviced

Riders, push, or robotic…your lawnmower needs to be serviced each year. Just as you would take the time to take care of your car by changing the oil and getting it serviced, you should do the same with your lawnmower. You may also need to de-winterize your lawnmower if you took steps before winter last year. This could involve getting gas back into your mower, changing the oil and filter, making sure the tires are filled properly and installing the battery once again. If you’re finding that you have big problems with your mower but you need your lawn mowed now, call Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. for maintenance services. We are happy to help in the meantime! Additionally, remember that mowing your lawn a couple of times a week in spring is fine and will not stunt your roots like mowing only once a week will.

retaining wall shrubs landscapingSeeding Tips

While you may want to seed as soon as possible to get rid of dead patches in the yard, you will need to be patient. When you seed too early, the seeds will not germinate if you have used pre-emergent and weed-killer. A tip on seeding or using sod as well: make sure that you water every day! The summer sun is very hot and will dry up your soil. The seeds need water to germinate, and sod needs moisture but not a soak. Additionally, make sure there is good soil coverage for seeds. Lastly, if you need a helping hand, call Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. for professional advice and seed and sodding.

Get Ready for Spring with Heartwoods Landscaping Inc.

If you need help with lawn care this spring, do not hesitate to call Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. We can help with lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, hardscaping, and more. Give us a call today for more information on our services and pricing.

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