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Reliable Tree Removal

Heartwoods is now offering quality tree services to meet all of your tree removal needs. We have state of the art industrial equipment that can remove even the most critical of tree problems. So why do we need to remove trees in the first place? How do we know it is necessary?

Why Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Most importantly, we need to acknowledge that trees are essential to most landscaping designs. Whether for beautification or aesthetics, trees give a lasting impression to those who surround it. They can last for decades and through several generations of families.

With this said, even a family favorite can obtain disease which will effect everything around it. This includes other trees, bushes, and even the inability to grow new grass. In addition, trees can be very dangerous if they are in ‘falling’ condition. Often, after a harsh winter or a heavy spring storm, trees can be damaged to the point where removal is essential for safety. Whether a tree is unhealthy or structurally damaged due to storms and weather conditions, it is important to understand when removal is a must. This is where a professional tree service can be very helpful.

Heartwoods Wants To Help

Although Heartwoods Landscaping prides itself on both its hardscaping and landscaping design, we wanted to offer our loyal customers, and new customers a like, the opportunity to be served in a different capacity. However, we are still managing your lawn and landscaping needs while removing unwanted or dangerous trees.

Please Contact Us today to discuss tree removal services at (309) 360-4224. We can guide you in understanding whether or not your tree is problematic and needs to be removed. However, we can service all of your aesthetic needs as well! Either way, we want to serve you!

Your yard is our business.

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