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Ways to Address Backyard Flooding

With all of the rain recently, you may be noticing that your backyard is soggy and flooded. This is the case for many people when rain becomes heavy in the spring. Sometimes we just suffer through it, but there’s no reason to. There are plenty of options to direct water away from your yard and to prevent flooding. Let’s learn about a few of them and how they can be incorporated into your landscaping.

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Rain Gardens

While rain gardens will not direct water away from your yard, they will help by filtering water slowly into the yard. Rain gardens work by planting various plants in a layer over the yard. The goal of this is to catch rain in the leaves and grasses and let it slowly filter into the soil from there. This is in opposition to rain falling on the grass and saturating it immediately, causing puddles and flooding in your yard.

Consider a New Driveway Design

For many, a cement driveway is a must. However, it will not help in situations where there is a lot of heavy rain. A gravel driveway or a driveway with permeable pavers can be a good way to filter water into the soil. Instead of all of the water sliding down your cement driveway, it will filter through the gravel and help immensely in preventing flooding of your yard.



If you have a depression in your yard, typically at the bottom of a slope either man-made or natural, you can utilize it even further. Place gravel in the bottom of the swale. Water will filter through the gravel instead of immediately soaking into the soil. Additionally, it will be directed away from your property. Make sure your swale is directed towards somewhere like a dry well that is safe and allowed. It can also be prudent to line the sides of the swale with plants that take root deep in the soil. This will help maintain your yard as well.

Looking for more options?

If you need more options on how to stop the flooding and wet, muddy soil in your yard, call Heartwoods Landscaping Inc.! We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your yard and to recommend plants that can withstand heavy rain conditions. Call today to learn more and discover our services and options.

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