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Hardscaping Vs. Landscaping

Although it might seem like a simple question, as a landscaping company, we often get asked what the difference is between hardscaping vs. landscaping. There is a clear distinction between the two and they both add unique benefits to your yard. Luckily, at Heartwoods Landscaping, our team of experts can use both methods to get both your front and backyards in tiptop shape.

Hardscaping 101

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Aesthetic Hardscaping Design Surrounded By Softscape

Generally speaking, hardscaping is any non-living element in your landscape design. So basically, any hard-designed elements in your space like concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, stone, and wood are considered hardscaping. In addition, hardscaping includes man-made structures like decks, pergolas, or patios that are used specifically in your landscaping. Additionally, a hardscape protects an area’s structural integrity. Because hardscaping is a brick-and-mortar concept, it creates a fortified foundation.

Essentially, it protects a yard from day-to-day activities and overall wear and tear. Of course, hardscape serves as an additional touch to aesthetic appeal as well. Because a hardscape installation is customizable, it is often embellished for visual appeals such as adding stone benches, vertical walls, paved walkways, and stonework around ponds and walkways.

Landscaping 101

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Flower Beds Surrounding Hardscaping

Landscaping is the “soft” space or living elements that can be found in a yard. It affects the aesthetic nature of your yard and also influences the practical living space. Basically, your landscaping design will create the oasis you always dreamed of. Because landscaping is the softscape of your yard, it consists of living and organic elements in a garden or on a lawn, such as trees, flowers, grass, bushes, and the like.

How They Work Together

Although we are trying to understand the comparisons between hardscaping vs. landscaping, they actually go hand in hand. Technically, they are considered two different services. However, it is difficult to make a plan for landscaping without considering the hardscaping, and vice versa. For instance, before beginning any hardscaping service, a home’s surrounding landscape ‘aesthetic’ should be considered by the contractor. Always think of the big picture first and then fill in the gaps where necessary. Because a yard’s hardscape may include a retaining wall, stoned walkway, and pond, it will be important to understand the landscaping design as well to protect the various trees, plant beds, and flower beds within the hardscape. On the other hand, when it comes to drainage and erosion, hardscape must be considered.

Choose Heartwoods

Using a reputable landscaping company is the way to go. If you have a plan for both hardscaping and landscaping, discuss it with a professional first so the process will be stress-free. At Heartwoods, our team can ensure that the design will benefit your yard and foundation. After all, we want to create the oasis you always dreamed of.

Your yard is our business.

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