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Landscaping Companies in Peoria, IL

landscaping companies peoria ilLooking for a landscaping company that can make your lawn beautiful, healthy, and green? Maybe you want to add some new flower beds or mulch? Or maybe you are looking to add a water feature or a fire pit? No matter what you are looking for, Heartwoods Landscaping can help! We are one of the top landscaping companies for Peoria, IL. We have over 20 years of experience with landscaping, hardscaping, and maintenance.

Landscaping Solutions for your Peoria, IL Lawn

In terms of landscaping, we do it all! Mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing, mulch, aeration, seasonal cleanup, and more. We can help you keep your lawn looking great all year round. We also can plan out new flower beds to make your lawn area even more beautiful. We even offer grading services so that your flower beds, mulch, and lawn are not washed away or flooded. This also helps protect your home’s foundation, which is a bonus!

Hardscaping Solutions in Peoria, IL

Hardscaping is a great way to turn your lawn or back deck into a wonderful gathering place for friends and family. Heartwoods Landscaping can help you design a great space and then implement that plan into reality. We can add a water feature such as a pond, stream, or waterfall which is a great way to add some calming ambience to your space. Stone features such as fire pits, steps, retaining walls, and patios are yet another service we can provide. If you can dream it, we can do it!

We want to help you create a gorgeous space that you can utilize or simply admire. And right now is the perfect time to start! Spring is the perfect time to get started on projects like water features or stone features or to do maintenance on your lawn. So give us a call if you are looking for landscaping companies in Peoria, IL.

Your yard is our business.

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