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Make Your Yard Shine This Spring 2019

While winter is still in full effect, and it may be hard to believe, spring is coming! Now is the time to plan so that you can get the most out of your yard this spring. There are a few ways that you can make your yard stand out this spring. This is great for curb appeal, parties, and to relax as you take care of your lawn and landscaping. Learn more about how to make your yard shine this spring below.

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Make a Plan

One of the most important things to do now while it’s still winter is to make a plan. Get an idea of what you’re looking for for the spring. Do you want the same landscaping as last year? Are you looking to switch it up with some new flowers or new patio or water features? Whatever you’re looking for, write it down! You won’t remember by the time you’re looking into the realities of what you will do. However, one big tip is to call us now so that you can get on the schedule before it gets filled up. It’s much easier to get a spot in April now, but many wait until March to try. Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough time to get everyone in at that point. Call us now to assure you that you’ll get a spot for the spring. We’re also happy to help you plan out your landscaping and make suggestions for what might work best for your yard.

rabbit on lawn landscaping mistakesLook Out for Bugs and Pests

The most beautiful landscape can be ruined by pests and bugs, and it’s very important to plan for this before designing a landscape. Where will you need to place a mesh or a fence? What kind of pesticides need to be used, if any? These are also good questions to ask Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. about. We are happy to help you decide which option is best for you. However, make sure that you’re not planting landscaping and expecting no upkeep or not treating for possible pests and bugs in the future. This is the fastest way to ruin a beautiful landscape.

Need Help Making Your Yard Shine?

Contact Heartwoods Landscaping Inc. today! We are happy to help you, even during the winter season. We’ll work on planning the best landscape for your property, and we’ll get you scheduled for installation in the spring when the ground has thawed. Get started on making your yard shine today.

Your yard is our business.

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